Library Realness: Morgan Library NYC

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I came up on this photo I took in the Morgan Library in New York City last year. An amazing place, the library carries the most incredible artifacts collected by J.P. Morgan, housed in the mansion his built back during the gilded age. The mansion and it’s multiple dark and red velvety rooms still exits. Yet, modern day construction of a gallery has been built around it, allowing for amazing exhibits, sculptures and various historical elements that are analogous to the type of priceless collections Morgan amassed in his dreamy, age old home.

New York City – only you have this beauty. Better than Europe. Sometimes better than heaven.

Design Crawl: This week – La Brea Blvd.

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The holiday slumber is taking hold, and people are stepping away from their offices and stepping out to do their shopping. I’m no exception. However, for me, going through stores that focus on home design, household function and just pain gorgeousness is where I’m at today. So, I decided that while having some down time in my life right now, I’d go down Los Angeles’ La Brea Boulevard – the ribbon of road that houses some of the most beautiful designs that bedeck and adorn the mansions of the Hollywood elite, and makes the rest of us swoon with each beautiful showroom display.Today, I walked from 1st street up to Beverly and wandered into the little sanctuaries of modern and vintage design. It gives me some life, and offers ideas for future interior design projects at home.

Over at Maison Midi, French vintage mixed with modern style and function are on parade, with bold colors for Christmas, and beautiful artifacts for gift giving.  The photos above are from Fornasetti  home fragrances,  a line up of intoxicating yet delicate aromas for the home, available in store. This luxury brand is for real hard core collector, with feminine, sexy surreal candle holders, diffusers and porcelain bottle spray containers highly priced. This is a very special gift for someone very special who appreciates intriguing touches to her demure boudoir.

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Modern means French warmth with this funky marbleize crockery resting on textured table cloth at Maison Midi. Can you imagine this in your imaginary French villa? Or maybe in your home resting on a grey modern credenza. Either way, this adds a unique touch to your dining area – or anywhere.

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This book cover is a work of art itself. My Cuban mother would have loved this for Christmas if she were still with us.

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A walk further up La Brea led me into East Meets West Antiques, where Americana Folk Art decor lives in warm deep woods, hand crafted artifacts, quilts of many colors and designs beyond imagination. Cast iron doorstops, old wooden bowling pins, barrels, chairs, and a checkerboard side table, Santa Fe designs and textiles. The smell of leather and furniture oil hangs around, and you can feel the spirit of our North American craftsman on your shoulder. Sturdy, romantic fixtures for the home. Great inspiration during Christmas time when you feel like nesting and bringing all that homestead soulfulness indoors.

After spending considerable time at Maison Midi and East Meets West Antiques, I headed up to Nadeau near Beverly.  Their motto is “Furniture with A Soul”, and it definitely fits this affordable blend of eclectic, well crafted furnishings for the home.  After spending time at HD Buttercup last week (and ABC Home in NYC), it was refreshing to walk into this duplex showroom of amazing media centers, bedroom bureaus, credenzas, chairs, side tables, hutches that are reasonably priced.  There are styles for every taste, and just walking in makes you want to start designing a new home. It’s just crackling with different items and caters to most design palettes. Quirky moments are found in hidden corners, like this wrought iron bench above with whimsical pillows. Oh hello!

I wasn’t aware they had a line of home decor like pillows, wall hangings and their own line of signature candles. I love me some scented candles because it adds to the five senses that bring the vibe of a room to life. 

So that ends my La Brea design crawl for this week. I’ve covered the east side of La Brea from 2nd Street north to Beverly.

Where will my next crawl be? Another side of the street? Downtown LA? Maybe NYC?  Watch this space and find out!

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Order. Design. Color.

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Painting on 2nd Floor of Vintage Oddities at “HDButtercup”- Los Angeles.

Besides writing about things, I have another passion. I adore interior design and various home decor. One of the ways I keep my sanity is to visit shops that are likely way beyond my means to gain inspiration. The colors, patterns and textures enrich me. They create moments. They fulfill stories. They allow us to chose items of elegance, depth of meaning and a mirror to one’s soul.

This photo above is from HD Buttercup’s unusual 2nd floor display. The entire level is filled with shabby early 20th century decor. Dark wired fans, rustic wooden floor. Dark walls and old time French and American posters, crackled, beaten, worn and haunting. The painting reminded me of Dick Whitman, catching a ride out of town – running from his own self in the tail end of the dustbowl, waiting to get back to Chicago to reclaim his old high school flame before she marries the town brute.

The whole store does that. There are so many potential stories and human lives to be lived out in the details of each living room display, artifact, price tag and rugged texture.

These are the items, if we chose to buy them, that define us. The beautiful things we put in our homes not only provides function, but they stimulate energy that allows us to be the person we feel on the inside. How you feel depends on you. But making our surroundings beautiful is a start.

I dedicate my love for luscious, beautiful home decor to Jeannie from “I Dream of Jeannie”, whose little lair of billowy curtains and lush pillows set inside her gem encrusted bottle, has set me on a lifelong course to emulate that look.

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Tidy Rooms


My mother never had to ask me to clean my room. I was always meticulous. The log cabin I made out of Lincoln Logs needed to be placed perfectly on the dresser, with well posed Barbie, dressed for the occasion, lounging out front. The bed sheets always well placed – the pillows just so. My carpet was well vacuumed. The stereo was perched perfectly on a well kept system of boxes.

Over time, I’d rearrange my room. Even back then, I knew the concept of the shifting of energy as bed gets moved next to that wall, making the side table over there needed to fill that space. Perhaps it was an innate feeling, but I knew that aesthetics and placement were necessary for open feeling and thinking. I didn’t have much money in terms of allowance to go nuts in the decorating department; however, I found the things we as a family already own, and fussed it up to make it work. An old scarf over a lamp. Beatles white album posters above the best. A little wallpaper left over from my dad’s project to clean up so dead walls. Our home was a cape cod colonial, with my second floor bedroom enclave set up with slanted walls my friends used to call “The Contusion Room” because they’d hit there heads every time they stood up.

When I became an adult and moved into one of my first apartments in New York City – trips to Pottery Barn and various upper west side places would make my mouth water. I realized that it was a feeling I’d get when beauty for the home was there for the picking. The problem was – there money to buy it all – wasn’t there.

I love design. I love visuals. I love textures and fabric that feels like second skin and covers you with plush comfort while looking perfect with it’s surroundings. There’s a feeling to design that makes me was to live in it – to find the best deals – to pull together a home that feels like home.

Design. Order.


Clean lines. Balance. Color. Comfort. Function.

These are the elements that connect to the heart. Bringing beauty to one’s home allows inspiration and new ideas to come forth in life.

Dormer and Mass by Debi Rotmil is a blog that will explore ways to make your home and sanctuary with affordable, simple solutions. Interior design doesn’t have to be complicated. It just has to feel right.

Come join me on my exploration of design and beauty.

Texture. Patterns.

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Layering of wood, books and textile provides a satisfying feel of warmth and satisfaction. To me, creating a space with the right combination of layered materials of various material can blend into a harmonious vision. It turns a space into a moment. The eye catches it like a camera lense. These corners of serendipitous artifacts feels righteous…satisfying.

Playing with various textures, patterns and material brings a little beauty from the universe right into your home. Play with books, blankets, pillows or tables. Find what you have. Seek flea markets, World Market, Ikea and Pier One for the right items to bring forth warmth and pretty pretty stuff into your space. Make a moment of visual beauty in your home.